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You have your organization with outstanding employees. You find continues development important and your employees want to make the most out of their talents. How do you do that and how do you monitor progress? The 4YourTalent tool gives you all you need with full flexibility to fully develop their talents. Read more.

What can 4YourTalent do for you?

Maximum talent development and monitoring progress; that is why the 4YourTalent tool has been developed. The basic principle is that a persons’ Skills, Knowledge, Competences, and Motivation together lead to a realized Result. These five aspects form the Development Modules in the 4YourTalent tool. When you combine these Development Modules you get a perfect steering mechanism towards your desired result.

The development modules can also be used independently for development or monitoring of specific aspects of a persons abilities. This gives you the opportunity to map and develop specific talents of your people.

A large number of functionalities are standard available in the 4YourTalent tool for every user. These ar tools like a management dashboard, analytics and many more.

Development modules







How about pricing?

The 4YourTalent tool is the perfect tool to stimulate and realise continues development in an organization. Due to it’s modular build there is a suitabe version available for every need. Our pricing is in line with the modular structure which offers very affordable solutions for every situation. There are different pricing schema’s for talents, mentors and training companies.

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