Develop your talents to the max with 4YourTalent!

You have your organization with outstanding employees. You find continues development important and your employees want to make the most out of their talents. How do you do that and how do you monitor progress? The 4YourTalent tool gives you all you need with full flexibility to fully develop their talents.


Develop and Monitor in one tool

You want everybody to follow you company processes or you want to get more insight into the Skills, Competencies, Personality or Drives of your employees or teams? With the 4YourTalent application, you get several different tools to stimulate the development within your organization or individual employees or teams. The application has 5 different modules available. In some modules we are specifically monitoring during real live operations to see where we can identify development needs. In other modules we use online tests and assessments. These assessments we can offer in cooperation with PiCompany (a GITP-company).

The goal is always clear: Get a very clear picture of the talents, needs for development and promotion suitability of your employees.


Steering mechanism

When your employees have to realize a measurable result, the 4YourTalent tool allows you to use this data within the tool. Combining this data with the 4 development modules gives you a perfect steering mechanism towards the result.

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Is your yearly Personal Development Review (PDR) using 360-feedback forms? Within the 4YourTalent tool it is possible to make your own feedback forms. These can be customized for internal or external respondents. The results are visible for the manager and employee within the tool.


With the 4YourTalent tool you can:

  • Skills (processes) monitoring and identify development needs (in detail)
  • Knowledge in different (custom) areas with knowledge tests and develop with E-learnings
  • Competences mapping for current and future positions
  • Motivation monitoring and combine this with assessments on Drives and Learning styles
  • Results linked to Skills, Knowledge, Competencies, and Motivation in your organization for your employee(s) and team(s).


Try the 4YourTalent monitor for yourself

It is now possible to test-drive the 4YourTalent tool so that you can start achieving the maximum results from your talents. You get 2 months of free usage of the Skills-module without limitations. Ask for your free demo account and experience the possibilities.