Reflector Big Five Personality

Insight into personality and competencies for each position

Your employees will become truly successful if their personality matches the competences they need for their position. Then energy is converted into optimum performance and development. The Reflector Big Five Personality links the personality of an employee to the specific competencies that he needs for a position. This way you can see if you have the right person for the position. The right employee in the right place contributes to the success of your organization.

Benefits of Reflector Big Five Personality

✓ Insight into the growth potential of your employees.

✓ A nuanced and complete picture of the desired personality in a certain function by linking this data.

✓ Reliable and fair insight due to the adaptive, low-culture nature of the test.

✓ A well-validated measurement of the internationally known and researched “Big Five” personality factors from the perspective of the working environment.

✓ Full overview of the scores on these “Big Five” personality traits and the 24 underlying facets.

✓ Complete (protected) display of the results within the 4YourTalent monitor.

✓ Online test in collaboration with PiCompany (100% subsidiary of GITP)

Selection, growth potential and powerful teams

What do the personality traits of an employee mean for his behavior in the workplace? And how does someone’s personality contribute to the functioning of the team? With the Reflector Big Five Personality:

  • You are sure that the personality traits of an employee match the competencies required for the position.
  • You will gain insight into his growth potential
  • You can put together teams in which employees use each other’s strengths.

The Reflector Big Five Personality is an important tool in a selection procedure and to gain insight into the development possibilities of your employees.

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Online assessment with the 4YourTalent monitor

The Reflector Big Five Personality is a modern online personality questionnaire that maps personality traits and developability of competencies. The test measures the most important five personality traits and 24 underlying aspects.

Your employee’s job profile is linked to a number of competencies. You can add competencies to it yourself. With the insights from the Reflector Big Five Personality you, together with the employee, make well-founded choices for his personal development and career.


Personality and competence report

After the test, you will immediately receive a compact report with easy graphs that you can easily interpret. This consists of two parts.

The personality report

The personality report provides an overview of the scores for the five most important personality factors in work situations:

  • Openness – being open to new experiences and new ideas
  • Conscientiousness – organized and focused behavior
  • Extraversion – maintain active contact with others
  • Agreeableness – place the interests of others above self-interest
  • Neuroticism – the emotional response to setbacks

The competence report

In the competence report you will receive advice on the extent to which the employee can easily develop the selected competencies or not.

Feedback conversation guarantees quality

There is always a feedback conversation about the interpretation and feedback of the results of Reflector Big Five Personality with a certified employee of 4YourTalent. This is a requirement to guarantee quality. The costs (€ 100) for a feedback interview are charged separately. It is also possible to have your own employee (s) certified for feedback conversations by PiCompany.

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