Your employees act in a commercial environment where they always use their sales skills and knowledge to bind customers to your organization. In addition, their competencies and motivation also determine their results, not to mention the activity of your salespeople.

The 4YourTalent monitor provides a clear picture of the development for all these elements in a clear and well-arranged manner. Moreover, the monitor points the finger at the pain spot when the results are not satisfactory or insufficient.

It does this by collecting all personal data of the user in the monitor (you can think of skills, product and market knowledge, assessments, learning styles, DISC, etc.), linking them to each other and bringing them into relation with different result areas. such as pipeline development, sales ratios, sales plan and activity. As a manager, this not only gives you a perfect overview (at individual and team level), but it also makes it possible for the employee to manage his or her sales targets!

We are happy to tell you more about the many possibilities of our 4YourTalent monitor. Perhaps we can make it your own development monitor soon, because we can fully customize it for you. If you leave your contact details with us, we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

We promise you that will be an interesting one!