What is the pricing of our tools?

You think it is important to develop the employees in your organization. They too like to get the most out of their talents. With our 4YourTalent monitor you have the tools at your disposal to realize and stimulate a process of continuous development.

Within our application we work with three roles: Talents, Mentors and Training Agencies.

Someone can have both the role of Mentor and Talent. The manager who is, for example, a Mentor of his team, can also follow a development process himself and plays the role of Talent in this.

Are you an employee and a Talent?

The Talents are employees who develop through the various development modules from the 4YourTalent monitor. A Talent gets access to all the insights that are created within the application about his own development.

The available development modules for Talents are:

  • Skills – customizable coaching forms
  • Knowledge – knowledge tests and E-learnings
  • Competencies – online assessments and feedback monitoring
  • Motivation – online assessments and feedback monitoring
  • Results – insight in achieved results

Are you a Mentor?

A Mentor is someone who contributes to the development of employees (the Talents) using our application. This can be done, for example, by completing analyzes or development actions. Think of a manager who has access to his team in the 4YourTalent monitor and can carry out all development actions for the team in the online tool. Within the application, information about an employee or team must be released to a mentor before he/she can do something.

Are you a training agency?

As a training agency, you are constantly working on maximizing the talents of your trainees. The 4YourTalent tool originated from trainers with a development vision and was made for trainers with a focus on development. For that reason, we make the 4YourTalent tool available for free to training agencies. This way we can get the most out of talents.

For Talents
from € 9,50 per month

Detailed insight into your Talents based on analyzes or assessments, depending on the chosen development modules.

1 module € 9,50 p.m.
2 modules € 15,50 p.m.
3 modules € 20,50 p.m.
4 modules € 24,50 p.m.
5 modules € 27,50 p.m.

For Mentors
from € 2,50 per month

Full access to the application with all the tools required to maximize your employees’ development.

For Training agencies

Full access to all the tools you need to support your training with your clients and to record the development.

The costs are charged per month in advance on the basis of the development modules used in the previous month.

Assessment pricing

Also view our Assessment pricing