The 4YourTalent monitor for maximum development result that fits in your environment

The 4YourTalent monitor consists of a range of tools to map and further develop the development of talents at various levels. This way you can get the maximum result from every individual, team or even the entire organization. The special thing about the 4YourTalent monitor is that you can adjust the modules 100% yourself, so that they always match the tasks to be developed in your environment. We can of course help you with its design. Read more below about the options per module.

Every user of the 4YourTalent tool gets access to the general functionalities that you see below. In this way, Talents, Mentors and Trainers gain insight into the development of the talent in question and can easily communicate with each other about this. Depending on the chosen development modules you will receive all the information that is important to you and your talents.

Within the skills development module we look very specifically at how someone performs a predefined skill or process in practice. Coaching forms can, for example, be used by a manager or a trainer in practice (coaching on the job) or during a role play to record what is going well and what still needs further development. The 4YourTalent tool records all results in analyzes and on a management dashboard. Naturally, a talent can also complete their own assessment or ask others for feedback through a form. As a company, you have the option of weighing in the results for each assessor based on the role.

Every organization has company-specific knowledge that every employee must master. This knowledge must be up-to-date, whether it is a domestic regulation or specific product knowledge for an account manager.

The knowledge test application is available for this within the 4YourTalent monitor. You have full control over the content within this application. This way you can easily test whether the knowledge level of a (potential) employee is at the desired level.

In addition, it is important that knowledge can be developed. This is done via the e-learning application. With the use of your own content (video, images, text, PowerPoint, etc.) you can easily compile the lessons yourself. You can provide a number of questions to each lesson, so that you can immediately test whether the desired level of knowledge has been achieved. In the 4YourTalent monitor all results are visible in the analysis tool and on a management dashboard.

For an employee’s job satisfaction and good results within a department or organization, it is essential that an employee is in the right place where he can use his talents. In the “competencies” development module you can test the aptitude of an employee for the chosen competencies for a specific position. You make the link with practice from the “skills” module in which you can measure to what extent the competencies are applied in practice.

To determine whether someone is in the right place, insight into the personal characteristics and learning capacity of an employee is also necessary. Two online assessments are available for this within the “competencies” module. The Reflector Big Five measures the five most important personal characteristics and the competence level. The Connector Ability provides a picture of the learning capacity of an employee. All measurement results are detailed in the analysis tool and management dashboard of the 4YourTalent monitor.

The more soft skills of an employee have a lot of influence on achieving the desired result. Within the “motivation” development module, various tests and assessments are available that measure personality traits. Think of someone’s motives, learning styles or color profile. In this way you get a total picture of hard and soft characteristics that influence the result to be achieved. All measurement results are detailed in the analysis tool and management dashboard of the 4YourTalent monitor.

When someone has his or her Sskills, Knowledge, Competencies and Motivation in order, Results cannot really be missed. Of course you want to keep track of the final result. The ‘Result’ module offers you the possibility to map the result areas for each employee that belong to his position. For an account manager, for example, this can be linked to the CRM system and a sales plan can be built within the “result” module. All measurement results are detailed in the analysis tool and management dashboard of the 4YourTalent monitor.

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