Your students prepare themselves optimally for a good start in their careers. To this end, they develop their skills, competencies and knowledge in the field of their future dream job on a daily basis, to which they work motivated from day one.

The teaching environment of the 4YourTalent monitor helps you to gain insight into their development in these areas during the academic years. With the ability to conduct various assessments that measure competencies, motivations, favorite learning style and talent development, the monitor optimally guides them towards their career goals. Moreover, it becomes clear how and where you, as a teacher, can provide the guidance that is needed, because exactly where the points for attention are laid out is laid out. In addition, all internship assignments and reports are stored in the system, with which their entire file is stored in 1 environment.

All the data collected during the study form an optimal supplement to their CV that can make the difference during job applications after the completed study!

We are happy to tell you more about the many possibilities of our 4YourTalent monitor. Perhaps we can make it your own development monitor soon, because we can fully customize it for you. If you leave your contact details with us, we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

We promise you that will be an interesting one!