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The right employee in the right place. That is the ideal situation because it leads to employees who feel comfortable and it gives the best result for you. You can achieve this by developing current employees or by selecting new employees. Essential is a thorough knowledge of the competencies, the drivers and the learning capacity of the (potential) employee.

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Reflector Big Five

Your employees will become truly successful if their personality matches the competences they need for their position. Then energy is converted into optimum performance and development. The Reflector Big Five Personality links the personality of an employee to the specific competencies that he needs for a position. This way you can see if you have the right person for the position. The right employee in the right place contributes to the success of your organization.

€ 120 one-off costs

Reflector Drives

Motivated employees perform better and are more involved.

But what gives your employees energy in their work? How do employees and teams stay involved and perform better? Reflector Drives gives you quick insight into the personal motives of individual employees and teams. This way you know which goals your employees are pursuing and what motivates them. This helps you with selection processes and career development.

€ 60 one-off costs

Connector Ability

Cognitive capacities are the most important predictors of success. And ultimately you naturally want to have capable people within your organization. But how do you compare employees or candidates with different cultural backgrounds, nationalities and diplomas? With the culturally poor Connector Ability you actually test the cognitive capacities of (potential) employees. With this adaptive capacity test you quickly have a reliable result.


€ 70 one-off costs

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